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Savannah Skies

New Series!

New Series- Savannah Skies
   When New York book editor, Savannah Brennan, returns home to Tybee Island, Georgia for her Cousin Michael's wedding, she knows tongues will wag when her  philandering husband announces his plans to marry his pregnant mistress. The Brennan's are deeply rooted in their Catholic faith and a failed marriage is unthinkable. She struggles with being true to herself and disappointing an overcritical mother who "never liked that damn Yankee."

   Just when it seems her life is unraveling, her family reminds her home is more than a place; home is the safety of being loved by the people who know you best.

Book#2 Savannah Skies-Changing Tides

( Spring release 2015)

   Work has a joyful rhythm for Savannah Brennan as she enjoys her new position as owner and editor of the local magazine Savannah Skies Low Country Living. After a painful divorce she's happily expecting the arrival of her baby girl in a few months and has started a new relationship with Teddy Connelly.

    Life couldn't be sweeter. But someone from her past will change it all  with one letter and she could lose everything  and everyone she's grown to love.