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Got Milk?

Learn the proper steeping times and water temperatures for the perfect pot of tea time and time again.

How to Make the Perfect Pot of Tea

Step 1: Select Your Teapot

Porcelain or pottery teapots are preferable to silver plated pots which can impart a slightly metallic taste. Make sure your pot is clean with no soapy residue and be sure to "prime" your pot by filling it with hot water, letting it sit for a few minutes and then pouring the water out to keep your tea warmer longer.


Begin with the cleanest, filtered, de-chlorinated water you can. Good water makes a huge difference. Chlorine is often the cuplprit of sabatgoing a great pot of tea.

Be sure the water comes to a rolling boil and quickly remove it from the heat. Over-boiling your tea will boil out the oxygen and leave it with a "flat" taste. Microwaving water can cause "super boiling." Invest in a tea kettle if you don't have a full kitchen.

AND NEVER, NEVER MAKE TEA IN A COFFEE MAKER! Your tea will taste like coffee. Golden rule!

Step 3: Measure Your TEA

The formula is one teaspoon of loose tea per 8 ounces of water. Place your loose tea inside a paper filter, infuser ball, or tea filter basket.


Let's Talk Tea

Got Milk?

Many tea drinkers are under the misconception that CREAM should be added to your tea, not milk. Actually cream and half-n-half are too heavy. Milk can be added to most black teas and to some oolongs. I don't recommend adding it to herbals, whites or green teas.

The debate continues as to whether to pour milk in your cup before your tea or add milk after you fill your cup with tea. Really, the decision is yours. I always recommend tasting your tea first before any addition of sugar or milk. You would be surprised how perfectly

wonderful many teas

are without any additions.

I think you're ready to

start your tea adventure!

Until Our Next Pot of Tea,


Steeping Times & Temperatures

Black Teas:

Steep for 3-4 minutes with boiling water (212 degrees)

Herbals, Tisanes & Rooibos:

Steep for 7 minutes with boiling water


Steep for 3 minutes with 195 degree water

Whites & Greens:

Steep for 3 minutes with steaming water (175 degrees)

*Over steeping any tea will make a bitter pot! Use a timer and get it right. Water that is too hot for whites & greens will also yield a bitter pot of tea.